The Surgery was established in 1980, in Dalkeith Road.

Since then, many thousands of people have been successfully treated by our Registered Osteopaths. The busy practice enjoys frequent referrals from doctors and other healthcare professionals, as well as from sports and leisure clubs.

Patients at the practice have included Royalty and many personalities from the sports and entertainment world.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment designed to provide pain relief for the body's structural and mechanical problems. A gentle form of treatment, osteopathy can benefit most types of aches, pains and strains in people of every age.

What happens when I first come to the Edinburgh Osteopathic Surgery?

When you first see one of our osteopaths they will spend some time asking you questions and taking a detailed case history. You will be asked about the problems that you are experiencing at the moment, your general health, lifestyle and medical history. A thorough examination will then be carried out to help clarify the problem and determine how best to proceed.

If your osteopath decides that osteopathic treatment is appropriate you can be treated on your first visit. As well as an explanation for your pain, often specific advice and exercises will be given as well to help you in recovery and in preventing future recurrences of your problem. Many problems require more than one visit so you may be advised to return for further treatments.

Osteopathic examination and treatment rarely causes pain and many people find it quite relaxing. Treatment may consist of specific movement and stretching of joints, as well as deep work on muscles and other soft tissues, depending on what is required.

Many patients who have been successfully treated for painful conditions benefit from checks every six to twelve months - a kind of 'human MOT'. If you suffer from occasional discomfort, then consider seeing us. Preventative treatment and advice is a worthwhile investment in your long-term health and comfort.

Free Assessment

If after the assessment your osteopath decides that treatment other than osteopathy is required, they will not treat you but will refer you to the most appropriate source of help. In this case, or if you decide not to start having treatment yet, you will not be charged any fee for your visit.